Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Engineering Machines – Sale and Leaseback Cashflow Financing Facility


A very long established engineering business (circa 60 years) with factories throughout the Midlands fell into conflict with both their bankers and their factors simultaneously. An urgent cash injection was required to stave off pressure and address issues with suppliers, wages, rent and crown considerations.

Allied was able to organise a short notice valuation of the machinery located throughout the five depots, certify those items which were unemcumbered and advance a sum equivalent to 90% of Forced Sale/Fire Sale Valuation.

Additionally the sale and leaseback facility gave the company plenty of time to renegotiate more favourable facilities for itself and at the same time safely parked its important assets with an organisation sympathetic to its cashflow needs.

ROSH Compliant Project

An East Midlands based electronics manufacturer invested £100K in new lead free wave soldering equipment to
replace their previous technology and remain compliant with the new ROSH regulations.

The borrower elected to proceed with Hire Purchase over 60 months. As the machinery to be replaced had no value, funds were limited for a deposit. Accordingly, Allied Universal documented the facility with no deposit equipment Hire Purchase and Leasing with a VAT deferment.

All our competitors struggled to provide facilities with terms of over four years, and whilst conditionally one and two month vat deferments were available widely, none of them would agree to a no deposit facility.

Fleet Finance – Light and Medium Commercial Vehicle Hire Purchase and Leasing

A secondary wholesaler based in Yorkshire has expanded its fleet of vehicles from four to ten to meet its expansion of customers from 250 to almost 500 sites with more anticipated.

The additional vehicles are to be fitted with the newest lifting equipment to enable safe and speedy handling of the gas cylinders, casks, kegs and barrels of beer comprising their daily loads.

Jukebox Finance Project – Leasing for Gaming Machines

A Yorkshire & Lancashire based operator has financed the importing and delivery of 100 Touch Screen Gaming
Machines from Austria. The operator requested that the Lease Transactions reflected the value of Rental Income
generated from the siteholders which has made it easy for the operator to improve sales penetration and Category C Products.

Recycling Equipment Finance

A home counties based screen manufacturer was funded to develop a competitively priced prototype unit which
innovatively would be effective on a variety of site conditions as well as in a fixed location – Waste Transfer Station. Further funding was made available to successfully get the finished product to market.

Operator (“O”) Licence Finance

Home counties based removals company has expanded Fleet and added two depots. The costs associated with the required expanding their O Licences were met wiby a Sale and Leaseback of the existing fleet at 90% of Cap-Glasses Guide Trade Value


East London based mulit sites venue has refurbished 2 locations to include new sound and ligh system, CCTV, kitchen appliances and air conditioning units throughout. A one month deposit Lease facility was put in place to cover all the installations in full.

Company Acquisition

Large London based manufacturing company purchased a competitor in Yorkshire using a Business Loan secured only with a Debenture. The combining for the tow companies into one generates economies of scale, cost savings and a more diversified product range.

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