HMRC VAT & Tax Loans

HMRC VAT & Tax Loans

Quarterly VAT bills always arrive at the most inopportune time putting pressure on a business cash flow.

By funding your business VAT liability you would ease pressures on yourself and on your business, free up time to focus on managing your business, avoid expensive penalties, surcharges, assessments and interest charges, release your capital resources to focus on core activity, and, maintain the existing business finances
You would be surprised just how easy this is to do and also how cost effective.

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of a VAT loan – Tax Loan.

Once this has been set up the process is even easier as we have all your information to hand, so if you decide to
finance your VAT or Tax on either an ongoing quarterly basis or as and when required, the process will be quick and simple.

Benefits include:

  • Repaying the large cost of you Tax Bill with manageable instalments over 3, 6 or 12 months
  • The loan may be unsecured and a fixed rate for a fixed term
  • Better management of your business cash flow
  • Ensuring that your Tax Bill is paid on time avoiding expensive HMRC penalties
  • The finance can be rolled over, allowing for future tax liabilities to be funded as they fall due
  • The monies can be paid directly to your business or to HMRC, or you can be reimbursed for tax bills already paid
  • Access to another line of funding which will not impact on your current funding options

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